Aerospace Marking Standards

Aerospace Marking Standards

Pryor's knowledge and experience of aerospace marking standards are unrivaled. Our software and hardware can be set to mark against the requirements of numerous international standards:

  • US Department of Defence (DoD) UID standards
  • Airline industry's (ATA, A4A) Spec 2000
  • AIM-DPM (Automatic Identification and Mobility association's standard on Direct Part Marking)
  • SAE International's marking standard AS9132
  • Rolls-Royce JES and RRES standards

JES131 and RRES90003 Standard

The specification JES131 (Joint Engineering Specification) and specification RRES90003 ( Rolls-Royce Engineering Specification) meticulously detail the requirements for marking of components. Software and hardware solutions Pryor have been specifically developed to cover all aspects of these specifications, including the quality of the brand, verification, and reporting.

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